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Zone of Zones not triggering / Zones not showing in checkbox area when editing zone

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  • Zone of Zones not triggering / Zones not showing in checkbox area when editing zone

    New BLRadar user here.

    BLRadar, HS3 Pro Windows

    Screenshots attached.

    I think I have 2 issues:
    1) Zones comprised only from Motion Sensors work as expected. A zone made up only of other zones never "turns on", regardless of the status of the zones it contains.

    2) Once I create a zone, when I go back to edit it, it no longer shows any other zones (checked or un-checked) in the "Motion, Dusk/Dawn Sensors and Active Zones" checkbox area. I do see the correct number of reference id's in the "Motion Sensors / Active Zones" column on the BLRadar - Maintain Sensors/Active Zones page. I do see the zones and the correct associations checked in the Motion Sensor pages

    Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong



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    Ah yes - active zones do not show up for active zones
    It has always been this way for years

    What are you trying to accomplish having zones linked to each other
    The wording should not include active zones
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      I thought it would be a "lower maintenance" way of setting up my Zones. I was just starting to lay out my configuration, so the following was my plan:

      1) Have a Zone for each floor of the house (Basement, Main Floor, Upstairs)
      2) Have a "Whole House (All Zones)" zone, comprised of each of the 3 floor's active zones. I was hoping this "whole house" zone would help me determine if the house is occupied or if we have gone to sleep.

      This way, I would only have to maintain each floor's zone, and not have to mess with the Whole House zone if anything ever changes. I guess I could use a "Whole House" zone and select all of the individual sensors to accomplish the same thing.

      Just for clarity... When I create an active zone, it shows checkbox options to select other active zones--continuing right after the motion sensor list. (See the attached screen-shot) It also appears to create a reference to the other active zones selected there. When I created the "Zone All Zones" active zone shown in the first picture in Post #1, I selected 3 zones and 1 motion sensor. It shows 4 reference numbers for associated devices in the right-most column. (same picture)


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        You can accomplish your goal by creating a virtual device & some events. Turn OFF the device when all BLRzones become vacant. Turn ON device when any of the BLzones become Occupied.
        Click image for larger version

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          Thanks for the reply. I think I could also create an active zone for the "Whole House" and include all the motion sensors. This would be in addition to an active zone for each floor.