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    The BLRadar Plug-in for HomeSeer will give YOU maximum control over your motion sensors and lighting in your home with feaures like, active zone devices, directional movement devices, custom scripting and much more. This plugin is written in VB .Net 2.0 and requires HomeSeer Version 2.1.0 or later.
    • Provides a web interface for all configuration in the plug-in.
    • Echo is logged to the HomeSeer log.
    • No Echo is logged to the HomeSeer log.
    • Active Zone activity is logged to the HomeSeer log.
    • Dusk/Dawn sensor activity is logged to the HomeSeer log.
    • All logging to the HomeSeer log can be turned on and off by the user.
    • Allows user to use RFXCom devices which will respond to device values assigned in the plug-in for each sensor.
    • Allows user to link a dusk/dawn sensor to a motion sensor so that dead batteries are only reported if both have not responded in the specified time.
    • Allows user to specify custom device string, image and style for each sensor or active zone configured in the plug-in.
    • Allows user to turn off and on the time information displayed for active zone and sensor device strings.
    • Allows user to specify the time information format that will be displayed (if enabled) for all sensor and active zone device strings.
    • Provides support for User Defined Motion Code (UDMC) VB.Net scripting in the plug-in.
    • Users can add their own custom scripting code for each ON and OFF status for each sensor.
    • User can choose to log all sensor activity to the BLRadar database file.
    • Reports can be executed on sensor activity data.
    • User can choose to enable a system tray icon which can also be used to configure the plug-in.
    • User can set a dead battery time (in hours) for each sensor configured in the plug-in.
    • User can set a sensor recovery time (in minutes) for each sensor configured in the plug-in.
    • User can add active zones to the plug-in and then assign multiple motion sensors to each active zone.
    • Creates plug-in controlled devices that report last echo and sensor failure count.
    • Supports Event triggers for HomeSeer events.
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