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  • Change ON and OFF Values

    Hey Blade, I'm testing out your plugin to replace Jim's as a) I like the price and b) I was having far too many issues with his w/o response.

    The one thing that I appear to be missing is the ability to change the ON and OFF values for a given device. Your plugin incorrectly determines my HSM100's light sensors to always being dark and I can't add some of my other non-standard on/off valued devices without this (I use a multitude of RS232 devices for occupancy detection. Some of which are play/stop devices, other having levels). With DooMotion I could use ON Value<100 OR >500 and the like.

    Is this a feature that your plugin is missing or am I just overlooking something?


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    I think this should be in BLRadar, not in BLAlarm but ...

    Each motion device has a device value of 0 for Off and 100 for On.

    As for the HSM100's, I can't help you with them. All Insteon here.
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      The device values for devices should change by HS to 0 for Off and 100 for On.
      If you turn on debug logging in the plugin and capture one of the sensors reporting that is causing an issue and then open a help desk ticket on my web site (see my signature)
      Once the ticket is created you need to attach the debug log (BLRadar-Detailed.log located in your HS root folder).
      I will then have a look and see what is happening.
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        Sorry, I didn't realize I posted in BLAlarm. I had meant BLRadar. Unfortunately none of my Homeseer HSM100 motion sensors work correctly as they set 255 for motion and 0 for no motion.

        I'll submit a help desk ticket