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UDMC code to send email?

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  • UDMC code to send email?

    Hey guys, I use the UDMC code for a number of things with my motion sensors and it is all working very well but I am having a hard time getting this going. What I am trying to do is send an email when motion is detected, is there an easy UDMC snippet that can do this?
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    Well, I think that I found a way to do this. I have created an event in the BLRadar group that sends an email and is triggered manually. I then added that event in to the sensor page so be triggered when the motion sensor goes On. However it is not triggering the event and I am not entirely sure why. I will post a screenshot of how I have it setup.


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      Here it is.

      Any thoughts on why I would see the Motion Sensor go On but the event does not execute?
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        So apparently there was nothing wrong, I just waited a while and it started working. I think my timing for my tests was off and I was not waiting long enough for the sensor to reset so it was not triggering.