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Converting Motion Events from HS2 to HS3

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    Converting Motion Events from HS2 to HS3

    I need some help! I have been using BLRadar for HS2 for almost as long as it has been around. It makes (made) things so easy. I have bit the bullet to covert to HS3 and I cannot make my motion events work.

    I simply want to shut off a light 10 minutes after there has been no echo from an X10 motion detector. Below is the way it used to work followed by how I am trying (unsuccessfully) to get it to work in HS3.

    Devices in BLRadar seem to be missing attributes. I want to be able to say that the Guest Bathroom Motion has been OFF for 10 minutes, but OFF is not an option. I either have to enter a "Custom Value" or enter "An invalid or error state." I tried putting in a custom value of NO ECHO, but the value always reverts back to "0".

    This seems like it would be a simple task (and it was in HS2) but how do you do it in HS3?

    HELP! I have to fix this by Sunday night!!!

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