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Basic setup FAQ/Guide?

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  • Basic setup FAQ/Guide?

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    Add your Fibaro sensors and make sure you use the value triggered area and you can specify the ON and OFF value for that sensor. You will need to check the values for the actual device in HS3.
    Once you have your sensors added you can add an active zone and then assign the sensors to it. For an active zone, you can use "Motion Sensor Off Wait Time" to determine when the active zone is turned off. The MSOWT is the number of minutes that each sensor has to be off for in order to cause the active zone to go off.

    There is User Defined Motion Code in the plugin as well and this is very powerful and will allow you write script code for each on and off for sensors and active zones. You will need some scripting skills for this but it is not too bad. There are example that people have posted.

    Hope this helps you get started
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      Thank you so much, the Value Triggered option was what I was missing. Works a charm now Purchasing away!