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  • I've done something wrong....

    OK, so I have done something wrong. A very simple event won't fire and I don't know why. X10 motion detector E5 goes to echo and it turns on a light. Should be able to do this blindfolded. However, it doesn't trigger.

    I created the device in HS3 and added the address within the X10 tab. I then added it to BLRadar. I associated it with the similarly added E6 Dusk/Dawn detector. That is all I did. No other changes or configuring.

    I THINK that is all I have to do, yes? If so, when E5 is in Echo then the event should fire. It does not. What did I forget to do? I know this is a really basic question, but I just can't figure it out. Perhaps it is the heat.....

    What DOES work is getting BLRF to listen for E5 On and then turn on the light. With the BLRadar trigger, I don't get to use "On" I am give the choice of Echo. Do I need to change a parameter??

    It is REALLY hot.....


    PS Maybe I should have it turn on a fan instead...
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    I use the motion sensor directly to trigger the event, but I've just done a test using the BLRadar sensor and it operates as you'ld expect.

    Try it without your time conditions, maybe the logic of the 2 and if statements prevents the event from triggering at all.


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      This is how i'm using it with specific "between" times.
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