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use BLGamepad as an area input in BLRadar?

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  • use BLGamepad as an area input in BLRadar?

    Probably straight forward, but could use some guidance.

    Currently, i have a Sensor that detects "Garage Door Closed" is hooked up to a gamepad and managed by the "BLGamepad" plugin.

    I currently have a speaker announcement of "Garage door is now closed"/"Garage Door is now open" that I don't want to change in functionality.

    But I'd also like to use the door status change from Closed to Open as an input to the garage "Area" that I have set up in BLradar.

    The Garage "Area" currently has two X10 Motion sensors.

    I assume I have to set up a virtual device that mirrors the "Garage Door Open/Closed" sensor?

    Then i'd use the mirrored sensor as an input to the area?

    Goal: I want to turn the lights on when either any motion detector is set, or when the garage door goes from close to open... and have the light stay on for 10 minutes after the last motion detection "Set on " is received. (even if the garage door stays open)

    I currently do this for the area with just the motion detectors by setting the "Motion Sensor Off Wait Time: "to 10 Minutes

    How would I incorporate the Garage door status into the area?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

    Andrew B.