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BLRemidenrs and countdown value accuracy

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  • nightwalker
    Since Bob's away on vacation you may have to wait until he's back but something to check. On the every x days try removing the end date since it's not really needed and make sure the "speak on day" is checked, even if you don't have it doing anything in there.

    I can't say I've ever seen it miscount the days so I won't be much help with that. Make sure you are not using the "days before speak option" and the "Day Countdown Speak Options" in the same reminder, they don't play well when used together.

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  • Delboy
    started a topic BLRemidenrs and countdown value accuracy

    BLRemidenrs and countdown value accuracy

    I installed BLReminders a few weeks ago (Registered copy) and setup a couple of simple reminders, one is counting down to my annual holiday. The config is 'speak on day' being the date we depart and a countdown message, starting xx days prior to the event day, this worked fine for the first couple of weeks.

    A few days ago it jumped several days in the countdown, checked the config and it had not changed, neither had the servers time/date. Reset the counter and it was Ok again for a couple of days, then skipped a few days again (i.e., countdown should be 38 days until but it jumped to 30 days or similar).

    Any ideas?

    I also have a simple reminder set to repeated every second day, never got it to work which is frustrating. Config on this one is a start and end date, frequency is set to Every X Days with '2' as the number of days. Nothing in Days before Speak or Days to countdown?

    I run several Blade plugins but this one has to be the most frustrating to sue and at US$30 is somewhat disappointing in terms of its interface and lack of help or examples.