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Email Reminders not working

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    Ok. I thought earlier you had said that you were using BLEmail.

    By the way, I am able to send emails out from HS3 BLBackup but for some reason BLReminders errors out every time.


      Mine is not working either - I will take a look and see what is happening because it was working for me
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        Emailing a reminder

        If I could capture the text for the reminder spoken, I could then email it by having BLReminder trigger an event that emails the reminder. I can get it to trigger individual reminders with the "Event to Run" feature although it would be nice if I didn't have to do that for my 60 reminders and only do it once as an Option. But this won't work either unless there is a way to easily capture the spoken reminder so I could put it in the email.

        Any chance of getting a solution to emailing the reminders??

        I found a way to solve this in BLBackup by looking for a change in the virtual device for a scheduled backup and then triggering an event and sending an email with replacement variable from the virtual device. This approach would work for reminders too if there was a virtual device that contained the spoken phrase. I've tried this with the Current Day Reminder but it doesn't seem to work. I'm using HS2 to send the reminder emails and HS3 to announce them in the house.
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