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BLStat mixes up thermostats in events after restart

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  • BLStat mixes up thermostats in events after restart

    I restarted my HS3 (ordinary shutdown and restart). A while later I notices all of my TRV setpoints were wrong. On checking my events, every BLStat event action the thermostat has been moved 1 up. So lets say the event was loading a schedule to thermostat 4 in the event before the restart, it was now loading that schedule to thermostat 5. The same with set heatpoint actions. So I had to redo all my events which use a BLStat action. This does not happen every time I restart, but has happened before. Any thoughts why or how I can avoid that as its quite a bit of work to get it all back to what it should be

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    On mine, the only time that has happened is when I replaced a thermostat. Replacing (or excluding and including) a thermostat changes the ordering in BLStat. Other than that, it has never reordered them in the years I have been using BLStat.
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      If you exclude or include, that makes sense. But I didnt. I have to admitt it does not happen very often, but when it does its annoying. Probably virtually impossible to find the cause as its not reproducable. I'll keep an eye o it, if it happens more frequently I'll see if I can grab a log or turn on debug and catch it.


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        Log a help desk ticket on my site and I will see if I can have a look
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