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    This helps. Thanks
    Bryan, need your file to so I can see if your thermostat is different.
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      Here you go
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      Software/Hardware: Win10 Pro, HS 3 Pro, HS Touch, Echo, Edgeport/4, Z-Net w/88 Devices, Insteon PLM w/19 Devices, Nest, GC-100-6, W800RF32A, WS-2080 Weather Station (KMADRACU10)
      Plug-in/Scripts: Alexa API, BLBackup, BLGData, BLLED, BLLock, BLRF, BLTVGuide, Blue Iris, BLUPS, Current Cost 3P, DirectTV, FitbitSeer, Insteon, Nest, Pushover 3P, Random, Restart, Tasker, UltraGCIR3, UltraWeatherWU, Z-Wave


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        Thanks. Getting closer
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          Here what you requested Bob.
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          Win.2003 OS, HS3
          BLups,BLrain8,HSTouch,Ultrajones Weatherbug,
          AP800,Honeywell Stat


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            Another Script Run


            Here is the log based on most recent script. Also included info from a scan of the t-stat and the Node Info table (FullScan.txt)

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              Missing thermostat
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                Hey Bob.. any chance your plug-in could be "easily" modified to accept the serial thermostats as well as Z-wave ?
                Ubuntu on the Intel NUC ( 8i5BEK ), 32 G, 250G SSD, V4 Pro


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                  I'm running this on HS3 Pro with three Trane ZWave thermostats. Everything detected, setup and runs correctly. I have schedules in place for each thermostat. My only problem is that the settings never actually get to the thermostat. When I look at the 'Real Time Logs' I see that the plugin says it set the thermostat temperatures but the actual thermostats have not been adjusted.

                  What logs should I capture to help troubleshoot this? I had my own program on HS2 and rather than convert I'm trying to switch to your plugin. My program did not have the 'manual override' functionality, and I find that very helpful.

                  Thanks for any assistance!



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                    Log a help desk ticket on my web site. Then capture a debug log in the plugin and attach it to the ticket

                    1. Shutdown HS3
                    2. Edit the hspi_BLStat.ini file and change debugLevel=true
                    3. Save INI file
                    4. Start HS3
                    5. Let HS3 run and capture the issue with the stat
                    6. Once you have captured the issue then go to the options web page and turn off debug logging

                    Then attach the BLStat-Detailed.log to the help desk ticket and I will have a look
                    If you get an error attaching the log file then email it to me directly zipped up

                    I will be out the next 2 days in Fort Lauderdale for my wife's 40th birthday so I will not be able to have a look until I am back

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                      RCS CT101 Sold by Lowes under the IRIS brand

                      I have been trialing your BLStat plugin for the last couple weeks. Seems to work. However I am not sure that it picks up all the child devices in the CT101 Thermostat.
                      This STAT is also showing 2 Relative Humidity children.

                      I used your interrogation file and here is a log file from that stat.

                      Hopefully this helps

                      Here is the node info for that stat

                      Full Name: HVAC Z-Wave RTC Thermostat Node 78 Root Polling: Polling Interval: 12h, 0m, 0s
                      Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTC) Type:
                      0x6501 ID:
                      0xC Listens:
                      Yes Version: 3.28 (ZDK 5.03) App: 9.0 Neighbor Rating
                      Excellent (58) [This rating is based upon 68 nodes using the same controller interface as this node out of 65 nodes total in the network, and out of those nodes, 58 are within range to be neighbors to this node which means they can be used to help route to/from this node.] Speed:
                      Uses Interface: Z2-Troller (1) Basic Type: ROUTING SLAVE, Generic Type: THERMOSTAT, Specific Type: THERMOSTAT GENERAL V2
                      Command Classes:
                      Supported: Basic, Clock, Indicator, Manufacturer Specific, Sensor Multilevel(V 2), Mode(V 2), Operating State(V 2), Fan Mode(V 1), Fan State(V 1), Setpoint(V 2), Version, Configuration, Battery(V 1), Association, Multi Channel
                      Child Device: Relative Humidity 2 CC: Sensor Multilevel Ver: 2 EP: 2 Polling: Polling Interval: 30s
                      Child Device: Battery CC: Battery Polling: Polling Interval: 12h, 0m, 0s
                      Child Device: Temperature CC: Sensor Multilevel Ver: 2 Polling: Polling Interval: 1m, 13s
                      Child Device: Fan Mode CC: Fan Mode Polling: Polling Interval: 2m, 13s
                      Child Device: Fan State CC: Fan State Polling: Polling Interval: 1m, 13s
                      Child Device: Mode CC: Mode Ver: 2 Polling: Polling Interval: 12h, 0m, 0s
                      Child Device: Operating State CC: Operating State Ver: 2 Polling: Polling Interval: 30s
                      Child Device: Heating 1 Setpoint CC: Setpoint Ver: 2 Polling: Polling Interval: 2m, 13s
                      Child Device: Cooling 1 Setpoint CC: Setpoint Ver: 2 Polling: Polling Interval: 2m, 13s
                      Child Device: Relative Humidity 1 CC: Sensor Multilevel Ver: 2 EP: 1 Polling: Polling Interval: 30s
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                        Try 2.0.46 in the updater. It should recognize the thermostat now
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                          RTC CT-80B

                          Here's my file. It shows up as manufacturer unknown in the plug-in. Also, for some reason, the native device doesn't get updated for current temperature, setpoints, operating mode, fan status etc. I set up polling, but nothing ever gets updated in homeseer unless I do a manual poll of all devices.

                          EDIT: Here is a reply back from Radio Thermostat regarding the issue of the devices not getting updated. I have polling configured at various times to retrieve the device values since the thermostat doesn't support instant status updates. It seems that you can only have one radio module active at a time even though there are two slots. After removing the wi-fi module, homeseer can now automatically poll the device. I wanted to have z-wave and the wi-fi module active at the same time. Due to this issue, I'm returning the CT-80B and going with an omnistat 2.

                          ---------- Forwarded message ----------
                          From: <>
                          Date: Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 12:54 PM
                          Subject: Re: CT80B with wifi and z-wave module

                          Hi, the thermostat will only work with one module at a time. It can not be connected to both Zwave, and wifi at the same time, because they will interfere with each other. If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


                          Radio Thermostat Support Team
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                          Last edited by slbuck; September 30th, 2015, 01:59 PM. Reason: Returning and getting an Omnistat 2.


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                            I just bought one of these. By default it comes up in HS3Pro with devices. The operating states don't work so I thought I would try this plugin. I've installed the plugin and it recognizes it but the only devices it creates are for filter, schedule and hold. I realize this Tstat is a newer version but I'm not seeing any devices to control it with this plugin unless it has to be done in the plugin config. The operating state also appears to be idle at all times. Sorry I'm not familiar with how the plugin works...


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                              Hometroller Zee

                              Any plans to provide this plugin for Hometroller Zee?

                              I just purchased a Hometroller Zee and am looking for an easy way to manage my z-wave thermostat and this plugin looks like it will do the trick.


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                                Danfoss Thermostat


                                This is my Danfoss Thermostat:

                                Another Question: Is it possible to control Z-Wave Power nodes (with infrared heating panels attached) based on other (not "thermostat") z-wave temperature sensors with this plugin?

                                I have over 8 temperature sensors on several z-wave devices:
                                Fibaro "eye": Motion Sensor:
                                Manufacturer: Fibaro System (ID=0x10F)
                                Product ID: 0x1001

                                Aeon 6 in 1 Multisensor:
                                Product Type:0x2
                                Manufacturer: Aeon Labs (ID=0x86)
                                Product ID: 0x64

                                and so on...

                                Thank you!
                                Kind regards,
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