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    Hey Bob!
    I have finally decided I was brave enough to move my two RCS T45 thermostats from HS2 to HS3. I did so one at a time. Moved the first one, saw that everything looked OK, then activated BLStat (I purchased it, but had it in inactive state, since I had no stats in HS3). Everything looked good on the BLStat page. Time to move the second stat.

    So, I removed the second stat from HS2 and added it to HS3. Re-initialized BLStat and I can see the "listing" for both thermostats, but the status is only visible for the newly added one. I restarted HS3, rescanned and re-optimized both thermostats. Same thing. Functionality does not seem to be affected. Everything appears to work normally. I will likely have to re-enter all of the schedules, since the naming for the stats has changed. But that is minor. I am confused by the BLStat page output: