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Possible bug.

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    Possible bug.

    BLstat seems to be working fine, but I noticed some behavior that I feel is more of a bug, than just unexpected behavior.

    This happened when I added another thermostat to a system with two thermostats. The new thermostat added to the list as the second out of the, now, three thermostats and the old second thermostat became the new third one. This seemed to break the events that already existed for the because the new second thermostat in the list showed up in the events that should have referenced the old second thermostat, which is now the third.

    So, I think the work-around is probably just to add new thermostats with names that put them at the end of the list. (Or, of course, build the system all at once). I have one more to t-stat to add, when it arrives. I don't really want to give it an ugly name, so I'll probably just try to fix all the events that get broken.

    Other than this weirdness, the plug-in is really helpful.