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Not responding to or logging quick power interruptions: BLUPS

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    Not responding to or logging quick power interruptions: BLUPS

    BLUPS is not responding to or logging quick power interruptions since it's been installed. I can replicate this by flipping the breaker OFF/ON very quickly. The UPS logs the interruption but not BLUPS. I have a fan controller that needs to be power cycled after quick power interruptions and BLUPS is not helping. How can I get BLUPS to recognize and respond to quick power interruptions?

    BLUPS on "Windows Embedded Standard" with HS3 v3.0.0.500

    I had the opposite problem. Mine was responding to quick power blips when it wasn't necessary. I had to build in a 6 second delay so power has to be off 6 seconds before I call it a real power failure. I notice you are using a very old version of HS3. You might update to the latest and see if that makes any difference.

    Have you tried turning on the BLUPS logging to see if it tells you anything?

    What kind of a fan controller are you using that craps out on a power blip? Maybe the best answer is to fix the fan controller so it doesn't fail.