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Supply voltage, Load & status updates

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    Supply voltage, Load & status updates

    Hello Blade,

    1) Is there any way to be able to get data for Supply Voltage & Battery Backed Up Load in watts?
    2) Noticed that Life Remaining does not update unless it changes by some significant amount. If by design, what is that amount?

    Kind regards,

    Wattage is available from the UPS via PowerChute, but when Powerchute is installed it screws up the BLUPS plugin. So I suspect the data comes from the windows power service which does not pick up wattage from the UPS.

    I too would love to have the voltage and wattage readings. It would also be really nice to be able to reset the battery life monitor from the plugin. As it is now, I have to plug the UPS USB into another PC with Powerchute installed to reset the battery monitor when I replace batteries. Not a big deal because it doesn't happen very often, but still a pain. If you don't reset the battery life when you put in new batteries you get a lower life remaining estimate than is really available. I use that to determine when to do a graceful shutdown, so it's important to be accurate.