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    Feature Suggestion

    Hello ,

    I came across this at my house, and thought it might be worth sharing with you in terms of a feature suggestion. It may or may not be feasible depending on the various systems people are using, however with the increase in virtualized systems I thought it was worth mentioning.

    Anyway, my UPS system (which is about to change with another UPS) consists of a UPS which runs my main machine (Esxi server), Modem, Switch, Router and Wireless AP (about 190 watts in total). I do also have a NAS which is what triggered this thought, anyway the NAS has a feature where you can connect your UPS into it, and essentially have the NAS act as a network UPS server, so that if you have other devices that are connected to the UPS, you can have them receive information from the NAS about the status of the UPS battery and when to start shutting down the devices. I believe this system uses something like the following:

    Anyway my thought is that if BLUPS was able to support something like this it would be fantastic, many of us are starting to run Virtualized machines and having to pass through the UPS to a specific virtual machine, then forego UPS graceful shutdowns with other machines becomes a little bit of a pain. It would be great if this was something that could be included, so that BLUPS could be running on a HS3 machine, connected through a NAS, or Raspberry Pi, or any form of Network UPS and then react to that accordingly

    Just food for thought
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    I also have a bunch of vm's on a machine plugged into a UPS. Mine is an APC that has the slot for the netserver. I have Powerchute installed on all of the virtual machines. However, it would be cool to have some devices in HS to gather data from the UPS.

    My APC network server also has a temp sensor. It would be awesome to have this brought into HS3 as a device.

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