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SceneMaster Profile Issue

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  • SceneMaster Profile Issue


    I have a scene profile to turn on 3 lights which I am activating by controlling Device to On /off using an event

    Everything works good as long as no one touches any switch. But if someone manually changes status of any of the three member switches while the scene is running then i cannot turn off the scene ( May be because profile becomes unknown as I only have two profiles for all on or all off)

    My goal is

    Turn on Scene device based on event > wait few minutes (specified in event) > turn off scene device ( keep last known status of devices even if someone changes lights while scene was running. )

    What should I do to fix this issue ?

    Scene and event screen shot attached
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    Seems like I had to deactivate scene instead of turning off device . I think i am good.


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      Seems like I pulled the trigger too fast..i am facing same issue . Please help

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