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SceneMaster development will continue

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  • SceneMaster development will continue

    I am happy to post that Michael Macaluso and myself have entered into an agreement to allow me to maintain and update SceneMaster moving forward.

    We are working out the details and I am about 50% done with another plugin I plan on releasing first. I'll post more news here as we work out the details.

    Thank you all for your support.

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    There an ETA on it?

    Do you have a roadmap of features you plan to add?



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      Hi. I'm just wrapping up two other plugins I hope to get online for testing. The feature set for SceneMaster will really depend on current users and what they feel is missing. I use it in my home, and wanted to ensure it had a path forward.


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        I have some ideas on extending the functionality to cover more use cases.

        If you are interested, PM me and we can discuss.


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          PM sent!


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            Is there currently a plan to release a new version of the plugin?


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                Sorry that response is for an issue in the shared library I use. Once fixed I’ll be pushing updates to all 3 modules.


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                    A feature that I would find "cool"
                    That the lights turn on one switch at a time with a slight delay. It would be a cool effect to see my potlight rows ramp up one after the other
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                      Curious if you are working on this plugin to add features and what the recent adds/changes and road map looks like?

                      Maybe you can add a new thread with the Changelog & Roadmap?

                      I'd like to decide if it is a plugin I want to use or if I will be enhancing my own events/code to do what I need.



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                        I am literally sitting and coding on SceneMaster right now (well, taking a quick break to reply to this ,))

                        I was hoping to have the next release out this month (March) but it is going to slip out to mid April. The next update has:

                        Some minor bug fixes.
                        Performance improvements (especially around the configuration web pages)
                        Ability to set a scene member to 'no change' for a profile (feature request)
                        Ability to include more devices as profile members (done generically, but implemented to support Zwave locks per a feature request)
                        Light JowiHue integration (ability to include JowiHue scenes in a SceneMaster scene, and start those scenes in profiles)
                        Trigger devices (ability to have a device that is say double tapped invoke a specific profile, or move to the next|previous profile)
                        Test profile (feature request)

                        Below is a screenshot of the beta I'm working on.

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