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  • Dim all in group

    I have this plugin installed, just now exploring functionality. I have several dimmers in a group, a device is created for "Dim Control" for that group. I had hoped/expected that this device control dim slider would allow me to dim all lights in that group, but nothing happens to the dimmers being controlled that are in that group.

    Could I get an explanation of what this Dim Control is supposed to do, or perhaps if it is intended to dim all in the group what I might be doing wrong?

    Many Thanks,
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    Hi. Let me dig in to the code and verify what is intended. Give me 2 days (currently traveling)


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      Thank you....
      Update: I continued experimenting and was able to associate an HSTouch slider with the HS3 Dim Control device but with the following curiousities...

      1)Slider does not track back to zero when all lights in group are turned off

      2)Dim initiation does not control from lights current state (which kind of makes sense but not ideal) May I suggest that this master dim initiate changes from each lights current state?


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        #1 Seems like a bug, trying to track it down.

        #2 Seems like a preference. I think some users would prefer the current behavior and others (obviously) a more dynamic one. Let me continue looking at this, trying to see if best served as an option in the scene setup or another potential slider (locked range and dynamic range)....


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          Appreciate the reply! Understand that there could be several desired functions, perhaps allow a choice. Would be great however if the dimmer could track, that seems like a reasonable fix.

          Thank you!