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  • Scene Interlocks

    Maybe I don't understand ho these scenes and profiles work.

    I have a number of lights in my living area. living room, dining room, kitchen, etc.

    I have for an example 4 scenes, Day, night, evening and all off with different dimming levels and on/off lamps and a profile trigger for each scene.

    triggering the all off scene causes the other 3 scenes to trigger. how do i trigger a scene and detrigger the other 3 scenes. It seems like they are fighting each other.

    Maybe My application is too basic and I need to use events.

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    That is odd. Triggering the off scene should simply turn those items off. Is it possible you have an event or events triggering off the state of one of the effected devices, and that event is triggering the other scenes?


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      I had 4 scenes using the same devices are different dim levels. I deactivated scenemaster and created 4 events because I needed to get something that worked ASAP.

      Everytime I triggered one of the 4 scenes that other scenes showed activity, I'm guessing because they have the same devices. I think if there was a way to deactive one scene when going to another it would work.
      It appears that the plugin might work best if you needed a way to trigger a chnage in the scene and then have it go back to the orginal settings.


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        Im still trying to follow. Each scene would be comprised of the group of devices at different settings. Turning on one scene would indeed cause another scene to show its members changed, but that is normal. It sounds like in your case one scene was causing another to activate? Did you have any events tied to the scene devices?