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  • Scene Not Activating

    I am trying out this plug-in and can't seem to get a scene to work.

    I have an Elk M1 and UPB lights and am trying to do the following:

    When the alarm is armed to any state I want to turn off a collection of lights.

    I've created a scene with the devices I want to turn off and I associated a profile to the scene. In HS I created an event that reads as follows:

    IF Area01 changes to Armed Any State
    Then Set Device SceneMaster All Lights - All Off to On

    Not sure I've missed.


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    Hi David. What device values did you set for those devices in the scene. The off scene could still be set to have devices on. Its really the 'default' scene when no other scenes are active.

    Can you post a screen shot of the config page?