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Looking for testers for v1.3

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  • Looking for testers for v1.3


    Its been some time since I took the code from its original fantastic author Mike, but I now have an updated SceneMaster (calling it v1.3) ready for testing. This version is designed to be a seamless upgrade from 1.2 however, I would like to first ask those that are comfortable backing up and restoring their systems to test. Please backup your configuration before installing. A restore from backup should not be required, but I do not want to push a large update to everyone before a few other people have tested the changes with me (so the backup is a just in case, but certainly rather have it than not).

    The updater_override.txt file is located at http://download.casapiedrasoftware.i...r_override.txt

    Simply put this file into your HomeSeer directory and update your plugin list, you should see the CasaPiedra test section and see 1.3 available. No need to pre-copy the zip file local, this will grab it from my website automatically

    Things to test:

    1) Basic functionality. Many under the cover changes for reliability and speed, all existing functionality should be working as before, but please verify.

    2) Ability to set a scene member to 'No Change' if you want to ignore a specific device for a scene change.

    3) UI filters. Putting text into the UI filter will limit the Scene and Trigger lists to just devices that contain that text. I found with thousands of devices the lists were very hard to manage, this should let you quickly target those dropdowns to devices you care about.

    4) Triggers. Triggers are simply the ability to assign a device and its state (such as ON) so that you can logically step through the various profiles. e.g. you can setup a Insteon button so when pushed it automatically goes to the 'next profile' for the scene. I use this extensively in rooms where different profiles are really different Hue and WifiBulb color and brightness changes. e.g. cycle between daylight scene, evening scene, night scene manually when desired

    5) General UI responsiveness. I worked hard so that as much of the data is possible is cached. Switching between scenes should be faster (still needs to generate the page one time) but switching between already visited scenes/profiles should be very quick now.

    6) Wider device support, things like locks should now be controllable.

    Please remember this is a test version, I will do everything I can to help fix any issues, but if you are not comfortable with beta software please wait until we shake out any issues and publish the release version.

    Please create a new thread here in this forum for any issues, so I can track them independently.

    Thank you!
    Bill Sobel

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    Still looking for a few testers before pushing this out generally...


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      hey Bill -- i make fairly extensive use of SceneMaster in my setup -- about 35 scenes with 3-4 profiles each, almost all for lighting called from about 200 zwave devices. So i'm thrilled to hear you're progressing the software. In particular the performance improvements will be welcomed.

      i'll try to load it up tonight and run the beta for a few days.... -mike


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        Update pushed out for testing with same link as above.

        Change: Sort the list of scenes
        Fix: Plugin reporting it could not access a device
        Fix: HTML Caching was not always updated when new scenes added/removed


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          Are you still looking for testers?


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            Originally posted by chewie View Post
            Are you still looking for testers?
            Yes, absolutely. About to push a fix ( Will update here when its out (within the next few hours most likely). I'd suggest waiting until you see that one mentioned here.


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     pushed to the updater_override.txt file

              Fix for scene devices not updating to reflect scene state.
              Fix for trigger devices not evaluating properly.


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                Hi Bill, just updated the plugin, I will let you know


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         pushed to updater_override.txt file


                  Substantially improved 'first render' time when going into configuration editor when large number of devices exist. My system with 2500 devices went from 30+ seconds to 6 seconds.
                  Improved runtime performance especially when user or other plugins modify devices and they need to be updated internally.


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           pushed to updater_override.txt file

                    Restore sorting of scene names in drop down list. Sorted list was created, but code mistakenly used pre-sorted copy for display (oops)