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    just started testing and can report the install, initialization, and basic function all seems great. Hard to tell if it's any "faster" but no complaints. crashed HS3 once but i think it was a zwave hang so not blaming that on Scenemaster.

    UI filter is nice -- once you figure out to hit "enter" to lock the filter data. May want to clarify/change that so easier for new users. I really like that it auto-clears when you select a new scene but is remembered when you return.

    re: Scene triggers-- seems like an interesting feature, but the drop-list doesn't show any of the devices that I typically use for scene controls. specifically, Wallmote keypads, Momentary switches wired thru arduinos, zwave motion detectors, and HSTouch buttons. it does list zwave light switches which i use for double/triple click actions but i can't imagine wanting to cycle thru scenes that way. it shows tons of devices like thermostats, pool controls, audio control, etc... maybe something amiss with logic for selecting possible triggers?

    re: the No Change feature -- i tried it and it works fine. not quite sure where to use it. i can imagine adding my fireplace to a lighting scene where i want it controlled independently - but i have events for all keypad presses so isn't hard to add device controls as well as scene elections. Did you add this to solve some specific scenario?
    one small thing -- it disables the "include in dim" checkbox when you select "no change". probably correct behavior but something to watch for.

    i tried with the "Test Profile" feature, which i suppose works. it seems to change the scene devices per profile but doesn't update the SceneMaster devices. Again, interesting but would be good to understand the use case.

    finally, a small request: could you please sort the drop-list in "select scene to add" alphabetically? mine is in some non-obvious order and always hard to find the scene i want.

    thanks -- i'm running it full time now and will report any issues. this is a fantastic PI which i've built my whole system around so really appreciate that it has ongoing development & support.

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    Hi, first off THANK YOU. I really appreciate the feedback, it is helpful to validate that things are working for someone others before pushing a release to everyone.

    On your notes:

    The UI filter; agree. I think I might need to add a little 'apply' chevron there to make it more obvious (and of course just enter will continue to work)

    SceneTriggers; Can you post a few screen shots of the status pair page for some of the devices that are not working? I typically personally use the triggers with double click actions on my Insteon switch. I filtered out range controls, so Im guessing that is the issue, but want to verify.

    No Change; that was specifically requested so that things like door locks would work better. The use case (as i recall) is one person wanted their 'Off' scene to turn off all the lights and lock the door. But other scenes were to leave the lock alone. When you say it disables the 'include in dim', that is correct as since the device won't change, the dim calculation isn't done for it.

    Test: Another user request, the goal simply to be able to quickly tell if the scene activates as expected. I didn't update the SceneMaster devices since it was intended as a quick 'Yep the corner light is where I want it for movie scene' type testing.

    Select scene dropdown; My bad, totally missed that one. Yes, will get this into the next beta build (most likely next week, finishing up the core on the Tuya wifi device plugin I'm building)

    Thank you again,


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      Beta update pushed (same link as before), includes the sorting change you mentioned.


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        loaded and works well.
        Thanks for the SORT on scene list - much nicer now. :-)

        For triggers, a few shots attached. i used a simple room (my office) which has just two HS dimmer circuits and a Aeotec Wallmote keypad. I treat all rooms the same as far as scenes, HSTouch pages, etc. Some just have a lot more devices but structure is same. I also use SceneMaster almost exclusively for lighting -- appliances and other are controlled thru events (which include scenemaster too). The naming on the attached screenshot probably is self-explanitory.

        I would have expected SceneMaster to show me the scene control devices for the 2 HS light switches (which support double/triple taps like your Insteons) -- i stash those devices under the "Scene Press Switch" category. And the Wallmote scene controller (in the "Keypads" category) has a similar status/value pairing. Anyway, lemme know if need more detail or different views.

        Click image for larger version

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