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not updating on manual device change

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    On the old version i did replacement the device values to match those on my lutron devices.
    I was able to use the dim device as a room device (but didnt use the profil fonction at this time)

    in the meantim, i started using easy triger to create groups of light by room ex: if the group of light device(virtual) chnage , all the device in a room change to be the same value as the group device .
    And if i want to create a ‘’good night ‘’scene...i do it with nested events .

    On the new one i would like to be able to use the dim fonction as i do with the easy triger . And be able to not act on a light if the light is already that value. If whatever profil is set i would like to be able to control the diming fonction directly with the device. On my part i created a ‘on’ and a ‘off’’ profil and i wanted to use these as off and on for the group of lights

    sorry if this is not clear , if you meed any screen shot just ask. I deleted the scene devices for now but i can create another one for testing
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      here are some picture of my actual event without using the plugin
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        Finally, is it possible to get a help pdf for all and each of your plugins ?