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    well, two issues actually.
    first is a small thing: it looks like the Sort isn't happening anymore on room selection.

    Second is a big issue. it appears that in a lot of scenes i now have a device with a dim value of only 1%. i'm pretty sure i would never have assigned such a level, so somewhere SM has gotten the data corrupted. i've reverted to the released rev again but (not surprisingly) that didn't fix the data issue.
    Can you point me to what data structure holds the room scene configs? maybe i can load a backup. i really don't want to try to remember and then reset all these scenes.

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    an update: good news it isn't as dire a situation as i feared.... i've been spot checking and most of the scenes, especially the complex ones, are ok. So far i've found only about 8 profiles that were messed up, and they were all situations where only ONE device was on in that profile. They also tended to use devices on one Znet. SO who knows, maybe this isn't a SM issue at all (i've had some zwave issues too).
    anyway, without too much trouble i should be back stable -- sorry for the panic attack -- please do let me know what to backup/restore for the data so i'm ready in case... thanks


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      Hi, I am *very* sorry, somehow I didn't receive a notification of this thread and just now noticed it (always feel free to PM me if you don't get a response immediately). The scene data is stored in the scene devices themselves, so you need a backup of your homelier database.

      On sorting I will go look right now, I'll post an update in the testing thread as soon as it is fixed (likely next hour or so)


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        FYI fixed (sorting issue). Update posted.

        On the dim issue, was the issue the DmMin was 1 or DimMax was 1? Those values initially come from the device, the code looks for a control pair who is set to control use Dim, then the values for that range or used for example the range might be 1-99 for DIM. Then the system adjusts those values if Off and On are 1 less and 1 higher than the range. E.g. if Off is 0 and On is 100 and the Dim is 1-99, Dim becomes 0-100. If a control for Dim is not found, then the On values and Off values are used to create a range. In all cases, the control pairs drive what is available. Not sure the expiation helps, but giving you the data if anything 'clicks' from what you saw.


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          hey -- just getting back. i rarely mess with the Dim MIN/MAX. The problem was the Scene Value was set to "Dim 1%". That's a valid user setting, just one that i'm quite sure I would never set. So i assume somewhere along the line my data file was trampled on. Or maybe I messed it up somehow.

          Anyway, i've been running 1.2 all month and very stable. Are you planning to release 1.3? If you feel it's good i'll try again. And if you can point me to where SceneMaster keeps the data about my config, so I can make a copy of that before I install 1.3 again, that would be more comforting. thanks