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Dim Scene from Dimmer Switch and On/Off

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  • Dim Scene from Dimmer Switch and On/Off

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something simple or not. I tried to link a WD200 which doesnt have a load on it to a Scene in a room. I want the switch to be able to turn the lights on and off as well as dim the scene. Is this possible? I know is I link it it'll dim it but what about the profile change?

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    A couple of options, the first is to link the switch to the virtual device for the profile you want (in the device properties set it as an associated device) If you don't want the switch in the scene, the new triggers in the latest beta will use the switch to determine which profile to activate (but wouldn't yet work as the dimmer control, I'll have to setup that scenario and test it here).


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      I tried linking it to the scene dimmer virtual switch and it doesnt work as a dimmer. I could of swore I had this setup before and working but I must be mistaken. It'd be nice to have this functionality.


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        Nevermind got it to work. Linking the dimmer to the scene is what I was looking for.