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Device Values not updating after learning

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  • Device Values not updating after learning

    It appears that device values are not updating in the profile after learning. However, they appear to work correctly. This is with Caseta devices. The binary fan switch shows correctly on, all dimmers show off, but actual value is pushed correctly.
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    Thanks, I am traveling, but will take a look at this tomorrow.


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      Something is really fishy. I also had in one scene where it would not take a small value. I was able to set 50% and walk down to 35%. Under 35% I just got off. Also the lights were off after that. And learning for that scene did only work when the lights where at about 50%. And no, this is not an issue where the light turns on only after a certain dimmer value. I tested with Halogen as well, just to rule this out.

      Otherwise, I am very impressed by the tool. This should be something that ships with Homeseer.

      Some feedback:

      - Hue lights for some reason did not work. I think what we need is an "ignore" value in the scenes. For instance, the Hue lights want the Hue, or the light temperature set, or saturation, but not all by itself. Eg, I wanted red light for one scene, and 3200K light for another. Ignore would also work with other scenes, for instance I want to change the state of only some lights, but not all. So, they turn on, but in all funky colors, because I have all four Hue values in the scene.

      - The built-in fade is probably too slow, would love to use the fade that is built into the bridge, as I can from the Lutron devices.

      - With 10+ devices, updates take several minutes on the SEL Pro appliance.