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  • First Time Scene

    Just downloaded and wrapping my head around the process.

    How would i go about setting up a simple motion activated bathroom light?
    - create a new scene, set the dimming animation if desired
    - then create an event to watch for motion, and have that trigger the scene?
    - and then i fi want it to only ramp up to 20% at night like the suggestion in the manual, create a 2nd scene, and another event to call it?

    Guess, i am not understanding the easiest way to trigger a scene based on motion, then how to handle the timed scenes with the some motion detector.
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    Hi, you are on the right path. Each of the generated scenes will have a virtual device, so in your event you would trigger the Bathroom/daytime (as an example) scene device or the Bathroom/nighttime scene device based on your day/night criteria (e.g. time of day, light level sensor, etc).