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  • Slow dim or slow ramp down

    Hi there, I am trying to figure out how to ramp down a scene slowly over time. I can easily do this to ramp up the brightness, but not the other way. Am I missing something? When I inverse the Start / End it gives me an error that the Start time must be < the end time. Although in the manual it states (must be a type-o)?

    Start Starting dim slider position (0-100) (Start must be < End)
    End Ending dim slider position (0-100) (End must be < Start)

    How can I go about slowly dimming a group of lights over time.


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    Perhaps somebody can at least confirm its even possible, or should I just give up on this plugin doing the trick? Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find any other related posts.



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      Sorry, I have not verified this yet. My understanding is that both ways should be working so I need to understand where the validation is broken for this (the plugin was originally from another author who stopped updating it, so I've been slowly learning his code while fixing the obvious issues reported). I will take a look.


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        Ok, thanks for looking into this - much appreciated!