SceneMaster provides flexible scene control of existing HomeSeer devices. It can be used to make setting up scenes less cumbersome and more friendly. One common problem in setting up scenes is that after they are setup you often need to tweak the dim levels of certain lights, etc. By providing a ‘Learn’ button, SceneMaster automates this process and makes it possible for everyone in the home to enjoy and make the most use of the home automation system you have invested in.

For more info check out SceneMaster Info

Version History:

- Initial version

- Fix a bug where the console window size could be set out of range causing the plugin to fail on init.

- Fix bug where some non-dimable devices were included in dim
- Add general config to control logging level
- Add "Animated Dim" function
- Better error checking and recovery if HS devices were deleted

- Fix small bug with log level default value for config file

- Minor config ui cleanup

- Fix bug where logging level change would not have any effect

- Fix bug where timed scenes would not return to the previous state

- Scene timer control moved to profile to allow multiple scene timers for different profiles.
Note: The scene timer device will be deleted, so if you have any events that trigger timers you
will need to update them to activate the timer on the profile control device.

- Fix issue with deleting scenes where HS devices would remain in the database. On startup the plugin will
search for any remaining hs devices from previous deletions and remove them.

- Add ability to change logging levels to console (when in PI debug mode), HS log, or log file
- Fix log/config file path issue on Linux