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support for custom control actions?

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  • support for custom control actions?


    Firstly, I like your plugin. using light scenes in HomeSeer makes it much easier to setup light events and swithing between lights scenes.
    One thing that did not work well for me is using devices with custom device commands.
    I'm using Hue lights which have multiple commands: besides "on", "off" also "alert" and "colour loop".
    I am able to setup On and Off profiles but how do I setup a profile with custom command e.g. alert or colour loop with device values 256 and 257?

    I've tried to setup advanced dimming control with 2 custom device values (257,256).
    It does somehow work but I was wondering if there is an easier way of doing this?

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    When you add a new scene, the custom device values *should* be available in the drop down list like any dim setting. It is possible there is an issue there since there are many different schemes used for device control. If they are not showing up for you, would you be able to send me your homeseer database file so I can debug on my end?



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      status-control must be "both"


      I think I found the cause of the problem. Custom device values only show in the drop down list with status-control "both". They do not show up with status-control "control".

      When I change status-control properties for device values 256 and 257 to "both" the custom device values are listed in scene profile.

      I don't know if this is by design? One would expect that device values with control-status "control" should also show up in the list. or?

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        Hi Zigmund,

        Thanks for the debug work -- That is the issue - when I enumerate the devices I don't add 'control only' values. This *was* by design originally, but now it does not make sense. In a recent version I added the ability to 'include in set' and 'include in match' ; I really need to change this to add two drop downs for status/control values for match/set respectively. (set is when the scene is activated, and match is when it tries to determine if the scene is on based on the devices change status)

        I am currently in the process of a rather large update for supporting scene transition profiles, (and unfortunately rather busy with life's other obligations) but let me see if I can fix this for you before I complete the major job.

        I agree it's an issue, and I'll fix it.. either soon or with the next large update.



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          Great. Thank you Mike.