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  • Motion Controlled lights

    Hey, i'm here trying to solve a problem. Your plugin looks like its got a ton of possibilities, i'm just not exactly sure how to accomplish my particular scenario with it.

    I'm coming from micasaverde, and someone over there made an awesome plugin called "smart switch". I used it for years and became pretty reliant upon it. I've tried like crazy to duplicate its features on homeseer with zero luck. I came across your plugin and thought it might be able to do what I need.

    Let me explain what i'm trying to do. The end results are fairly simple, but accomplishing them have proven to be quite difficult.

    1. Have a virtual device called "%room% occupied" trigger one or more lights to turn on if status of that device is changed to occupied. (I will have other events that monitors one or more motion sensors in a room and updates that virtual device as needed)
    2. The value at which the lights turn on should be configurable. For example, in the evening, i would like the lights to come on at 100% when the room is occupied. However, when we are in bed, I would like the lights to come on at 30% for example when the room is occupied. I can use events to set which profile should be used. for example, When the sun goes down, I would have it switch the active profile to "evening" profile. When i go to bed and dock my phone, I will have an event switch the active profile to "bed" so that when motion is triggered, it only turns lights to 30%
    3. The amount of time the lights stay on when triggered by motion should be configurable.
    4. The scene should be overridden when manually turning the lights on / off (either by physically hitting the switch, or by manually adjusting value in hstouch)
    5. The manual override should timeout and return to functioning like normal after a configured amount of time has passed.

    I hope all of that makes sense. It appears as if I should be able to do something like that with your plugin, but I have no idea how. I just read through the entire help doc, and that was useful info, but still unsure of how to accomplish this.

    I would like to get this working soon while I'm evaluating the plugin so I can decide whether it will fit my needs or not.

    Any help would be fantastic. Thanks!