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  • Questions/Feature requests....

    I just installed this and I have some questions:

    1) Is this still being supported? For instance, if I asked for new features, what are the chances they would be given consideration?

    2) If yes to 1, Would it be possible to set the "order" that lights are adjusted? For instance in my living room, I have 3 banks of lights. Currently with the plugin they adjust: Center, South, North. I think it would be better if I could adjust them to be either North, Center, South or South, Center, North.

    3) I kind of understand the reasoning for a separate device per profile, but it would be nice if there was a single device that had all the profiles for that "scene". For instance, I currently manage my scenes manually with events and a virtual device with each "value" being what SceneMaster calls a "Profile" (Off, Normal, Movie, Cleaning, Baby Sleeping). The only thing I don't handle is automatically adjusting the value of this based on the levels (which the Scene Master plugin does). It would just be nice to have the "option" of in addition to the single profile devices, having 1 that has all the profiles for that scene in it (that is maintained). The main scene device kinda does this, but has no control (only status). This also makes adjusting the "scenes" via the ImperiHome plugin easier because it can be set as a multiswitch)

    In addition, it would be nice if it included a "profile" for "Custom" which would be when any of the other scenes are not currently "on". Selecting "Custom" would actually not do anything (if I were to have a choice).

    4) This is probably out there, and won't be added, but I currently use Insteon for a lot of my lights. My current method uses "scenes" in my ISY to control the different modes. The benefit of this is that all lights change at the same time (not one at a time). It would be cool that in "addition" to selecting the devices for the profile, you could also select your own "virtual" device that SM would use to control it. So when SceneMaster "Turns" on the scene, it would instead turn on this virtual device. However, it would monitor the actual lights for if the "scene" was active.

    I can already think of a lot of issues with this "number 4", so I wouldn't give too much consideration to it. If #2 could happen, I might be ok with the lights not all adjusting at the same time.
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