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Central Scene Group Not Working

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  • Central Scene Group Not Working

    I have a simple event which includes (1) A tagged group which includes the "central scene" for every switch on a floor of my house, and (2) another group including all the dimmers, and (3) another group including binary switches.

    I've defined a simple event where if the bottom panel of a switch is tapped 3 times, all the lights shut off.

    In the current "beta" plugin (version the event won't trigger. I've checked the HomeSeer log and HomeSeer is getting the proper central scene value (2004). I've also checked the CPS Tags Config and, for the central scene group that I made, it indicates its included in 0 Triggers which also does not make sense given the event I've defined. Disabling and Re-Enabling the plugin didn't fix this. Can you check into this?

    The Event and the Central Scene groups are shown below.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Central Scene Event.PNG
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ID:	1260258

    Central Scenes Group:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Central Scene Group.PNG
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ID:	1260259

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    Definitely, the event looks fine, I will defiantly try to reproduce this asap...


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      Can you also expand the 'if' above and send that screen shot?


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        bsobel. Here's the expanded "if" as requested. Also, if I click on the manual "Run the Event" button, the lights do turn off using the tagged groups, so it isn't the Actions that are the problem, its the triggering of the event.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Expanded If.PNG
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Size:	212.2 KB
ID:	1260334


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          I think I’m missing something in the first screen shot its the. First floor tag group but in the expanded it says second floor. Is that the right event, is the tag name truly different in the event closed vs open cases?


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            bsobel I just found a clue to the bug and a workaround.

            Update - You were writing post #5 as I was writing this, but the answer is "yes", the event trigger changes by itself. more details ...

            As you can see, I set up the Trigger to Trigger on the tagged group #First_Floor_Central_Scenes.

            However, if I go to the plugin management, turn off the CPS Tags plugin, and then turn it back on, the event has changed itself and now "#First_Floor_Central_Scenes has been replaced with #Second_Floor_Central_Scenes. Weird.

            Then I remembered, when I created this First Floor event, I first copied an event that similarly turned off all devices on my second floor based on the group #Second_Floor_Central_Scenes. Though I properly changed the trigger group when I made the First Floor event, the change does not "stick" and, somehow, the it keeps reverting to the trigger from the second floor event.

            I realized there is a simple workaround which is that I just re-created the First Floor event without copying from anything and it now works. So my problem is currently solved but, nonetheless, this is probably something you will want to check out.


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              Thanks, very helpful. I suspect there is something I am not handling properly when events are copied, I will go figure that out. That helps, since I knew the Trigger activation code hadn't changed so was a bit stumped why that case wasn't firing.


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                Michael McSharry ran into it in his plug-in. It had to do with generating the UID when copying.

                look at this thread. Specifically post #6.
                Randy Prade
                Aurora, CO

                PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino


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                  Originally posted by rprade View Post
                  Michael McSharry ran into it in his plug-in. It had to do with generating the UID when copying.

                  look at this thread. Specifically post #6.
                  Thanks! I was literally sitting down to google this as I remember there was something that had to be done, this helps a lot!