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  • error

    I just installed this plugin and am trying to figure out how to use it effectively. After creating a tag and saving it, when I try to use it in an event I receive the error

    Error calling the plug-in to get the Action UI: Method not found: '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'. when I select the Use cap tag in the "then" drop down box.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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    Can I first have you upgrade to the latest beta version (its ready for release, I just need to put it in the new updater system). The link is here: http://download.casapiedrasoftware.i...r_override.txt

    Copy the file to your HS directory, then press 'Update Listing' on the Interfaces page and the new version should show up for install.

    If there is an error like the above, the plugin should write out a CpsTagsException.txt file in the HS directory. If that occurs, can you post it?

    If the update doesn't fix the problem, we will figure it out and get you up and running.


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      Researching this, it appears to be a known .NET/Mono issue. What version of .NET or Mono are you on?


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        framework .net 4.5.51209 I am running homeseer on an embedded windows system. Windows embedded standard.


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          Unfortunately the plugin needs 4.6 as a minimum. And short of updating to w7 embedded I think you are version locked to 4.5.


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            I am running windows 7 embedded. Just updated to .net 4.7. Error went away. I defined a flash tag containing one HSM200 successfully. I then tried to get it flash using an event. Unfortunately No Joy. Any suggestions?


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              Event Name: Submit Type Group Reassign:

              New Event - 1
              Run the event actions. Note that the event trigger is ignored. Event is enabled, click to disable. Edit all parts of this event. Delete this event. Copy this Event. Submit
              Voice Command:

              IF This event is MANUALLY triggered Submit Submit Make changes to this trigger or condition. Submit Add a trigger or condition.
              Submit Submit Collapse this action if it is configured properly. Delete this action. Add an action.

              On command: On time: 0 Hours 0 Minutes 10 Seconds
              Edit Time Span

              Off command: Off time: 0 Hours 0 Minutes 4 Seconds
              Edit Time Span

              Intra Sequence Repeat:
              Inter Sequence Repeat (0 for infinite):


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                Ok it looks like you are asking about Cps Flash (this is the Cps Tags forum so I didn't realize), is that correct?

                If so, the HSM-200+ support exists for the On/Off device (one LED). I need a little information from a system running a HSM-200+ dimmer (and / or fan controller). I need the product ID to finish fully supporting it. If you run the latest Flash from here http://download.casapiedrasoftware.i...r_override.txt and try to configure an action, your log should show the product id for any HomeSeer ZWave switches I don't have support for today. Can you kindly post those log entries once they occur, should take less than a day to get you a build with full support for the dimmers once I have the product ID (I asked HomeSeer for the info, but support has not responded)...