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Devices do not appear

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  • Devices do not appear

    I am having the same issue with tags and flash when defining groups (I assume they both use the same engine). When I add a device to homeseer (in this case a zwave device) it does not appear in either a tag or flash group despite the fact that it clear matches the criteria until it reboot homeseer, then it appears as it should.

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    Which version number of both are you on? If you use the same updater link as for CpsLinks but change the url to CosTags and CpsFlash will get you the latest. I have not seen this recently, there was an issue prior where the list was cached too long. Restarting rebuilt it or it would fix itself after 30 mins. Newer versions should be available right away.


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      tags version
      Flash version


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        Ok those are both newer (Flash is the latest). Do you see any event dropped notifications in your log?


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          Ok, suspect a caching issue. Was able to reproduce it in one case, and not in another. I've updated the caching code to deal with this, will include in the next release. Thanks!