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[Feature Request] Qualifier for individual Event Action

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  • [Feature Request] Qualifier for individual Event Action

    You've done great job with ET filling gaps with the native event engine. Hoping what I'm about to ask is possible...

    Are you able to leverage built-in HS Event Actions and add a 'Qualifier' to them? Or make duplicates of all of them into ET to make this work...

    The problem arises since we dont have branching logic.

    Example: I have several Events that are initiated by other events. Thus,
    Event1 starts E2 and E3

    The problem is, depending on other states (weather, time of year, etc) there are Actions within E2 and E3 that I don't want to occur... but since there are like 15-20 actions in each, I want to be able to 'exclude' some actions from running while allowing all the rest to run, based on other states (qualifiers)

    Can make a way to add a Qualifier to existing Action (essentially a Condition just for that action) and if the qualifier is not true, the Event would ignore that Action?

    The see no other way to do this without duplicating or triplicating or (you get the picture) all the affected Events for each set of Qualifiers that may affect the Actions. Of course, branching logic would make our lives easier but I suspect that will never happen as long as Rich runs things.


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    it's not possible to add a qualifier or modify a built-in event action.


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      Originally posted by spud View Post
      it's not possible to add a qualifier or modify a built-in event action.
      Is there a way to duplicate them in ET, thus allowing you to add qualifiers?

      For example, in Vera, we could call up the built-in methods and use them inside the 3rd party plugin... This way leveraging the native items inside plugins

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