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Trigger for all devices in group have value for XX time?

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    Trigger for all devices in group have value for XX time?

    I'm working on doing some automation using motion sensors in a large open space to control the lighting. Using the 30 day trial of EZ trigger to see how much easier it makes it.

    I created a group for all my motion sensors. Then I have a trigger base on "Any devices value changes and becomes" which is awesome. Much better than the If I was using before.

    I'd like to then have some way of doing "If all devices in group [group] have been at value [value] for [time] amount of time" so that I can setup if no motion has been detected by any of the motion sensors for at least 30 minutes I can trigger the lights out.

    I can see where if the EZ trigger is a condition I can do all values for the group, but it doesn't have any time based parameters.

    I skimmed through the forums but didn't see anything that looked like it applied. How are others doing this (if they are doing this) ?

    My current attempt is to create a timer, then on the event with "Any device in group" that senses motion restart the timer. Then on my no-motion events trigger based on the timer value and the condition "All devices in group." I think this should work, however I'd like to be able to do it without having to manage the timer (retrigger every motion detection, stop and zero out the timer, etc).

    If I'm missing something please let me know, or if there is a better way.


    instead of a timer you could use a delayed event, read this thread:


      Yes, that seems to work. I'll have to use that trick more often. Had no idea you could do something like that. Seems like the events editor always has one more trick that is handy.