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Modulo & cron function

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    Modulo & cron function

    I'd like to see some easy trigger that do modulo triggers.
    • A modulo timer that triggers when the timer rolls over, i.e., if timer mod 4 then xxx, which would trigger every 4 seconds.
    • A modulo test that can be applied to how long a device has been in a given state, i.e., if light has been on for mod 60 then xxx, which would trigger every 60 seconds.
    • A modulo counter that can be applied to a counter, i.e., if counter mod 25 then xxx, which would trigger every time the counter was incremented 25 times.
    • Lastly if cron mycron12 then xxx, triggers whenever a cron event triggers.

    I realize that cron is much like schedules but it allows for much finer control that I think schedules do at least for repeating events that care based on several time/date combinations. The cron format should exactly follow the unix standard to make it easily documented and implemented.

    I think that modulo is the most important but getting cron would be icing on the cake.

    Now watch, someone going is tell me that this can be done now and I just didn't find the tests.
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