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Values being reset to zero immediately

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  • Values being reset to zero immediately

    Hi Spud and all

    This bit of strangeness just started happening this morning and I can't figure it out.

    I have a virtual device called "kitchen lights" (values 0-100) and an event that uses eztrigger to monitor that device for changes and then set the value of 5 dimmable lights in the kitchen to that new value. Been working rock solid for ages now. This morning, though, the lights only respond to 0 or 100, off or full on.

    Set the log to debug and saw that setting the virtual device to any value from 1-99 did indeed set the lights to the same value, but then the lights all immediately changed back to zero. The virtual device, however, still shows the value I set.

    Any idea why eztrigger is resetting values to zero? I disabled and enabled eztrigger, no joy.

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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    when you see "Device XXX value changed from X to Y" it doesn't mean EasyTrigger changed the value of the device, it just means that EasyTrigger was notified of a value change, so probably something else is changing the value to 0.


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      Yeah, I see that now. Trying to track down the reason this is happening elsewhere.

      While I have your ear, though....any way you could get the debug log to show the device name rather than (or in addition to) the device number? Would make reading the log easier for me.