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Detect update to same status?

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  • Detect update to same status?

    Is there a way to trigger an event when a device updates, even if the status is the same as prior to the update?
    I have a Fibaro button, and I want a single press to toggle another device's status. The problem I'm running into is that the fibaro updates its status to show the latest press type, but doesn't "reset" itself to a default status, so if I trigger the single press, subsequent single press events update the device status update time, but don't trigger "device status changes" events unless I trigger a different event with the button in between presses (double tap, etc.)

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    For the trigger, it sounds like you have "IF <device> changes and becomes ..." -- right?
    Change it to "IF <device> had its value set to ..."

    I just had the same situation with an Aeotec minimote -- pressing button 1 would trigger event 1, but subsequent presses of the same button wouldn't. But, pressing another button would trigger its event, then pressing button 1 again would trigger event 1 again.