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Comparing values does not seem to work?

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  • Comparing values does not seem to work?

    Hi all,

    I want to memorize the maximum value of a device using an event. For this, I use the compare function of easytrigger. Value should only be copied to HI device when it is higher than the memorized one, but somehow it is copied also when the value is smaller.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong, details of the event attached?


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    the device's value and the device's string are 2 different things so when you set the HI device's string it doesn't change its value

    in the HI device you need to define a control/status range that includes all possible values that this device can have. Then, instead of a "Set Device's string" action use a "Set device to variable", "set device to expression", or "set device to another device" action


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      Tanks, got it working.
      • The difference string and value is not 100% clear yet (new to HomeSeer) but that is another topic. Now I copy value & string so that value is shown correctly & the comparison works
      • Real problem was my misinterpretation of the 'set device to another device' when I first tried it yesterday. I thought value of first one was copied to second one, but in fact first one (should be the HI in this case) receives the value of the second one...


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        Take a look at this thread for a lot of information about devices. Specifically at the bottom of post #3:
        • Status=The text that is assigned to any value in the Status Graphics tab. This is only for user interface, it has nothing to do with the inner workings of HomeSeer control and events
        • Value=This is the numerical value assigned to the device which HomeSeer uses for control or Event Triggers and Conditions. This is the only thing HomeSeer cares about of the three.
        • String=A string of characters that can be assigned to a device. This can contain HTML, images and other data. If there s a string assigned to a device, it will show in the device Manager instead of the Status Text. It will remain until changed, regardless of what the device's value is. The data stored in the String is only for user interface, it has nothing to do with the inner workings of HomeSeer.
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