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  • Toggle Problem.

    Hi Spud, I have a small problem with the Toggle action.

    I have 2 events that use the Toggle Action in one virtual device. I checked the "Use closest toggle..." advanced option on them. When the virtual device they toggle it´s 'Off' (Value=0) and I run the first event it goes to 'Ventilador Médio' (Value=2). I was expecting that it´ll toggle to 'Ventilador Fraco' (Value=1). Same thing happens on the second event, from 'Off' it goes to '24 Graus' (Value=5), when I was expecting '26 Graus' (Value=4).

    So, I believe I´m not uderstanding correctly the "Use closest toggle..." option. Can you please shed a light ?


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    This is the expected behavior, although I understand in your specific case it does not make much sense.
    When "Use closest toggle..." is checked it behave as if the device's current value was set to the closest value in the toggle choices, so in your case when it's off (value=0) it does as if it was set to 'Ventilador Fraco" (value=1), so the next toggle value is "Ventilador Medio".
    This was implemented in the context of dimming lights: if you have toggle choices of 10%, 20%, 30% etc..., and the current value is 9% you want it to go to 20%.

    Maybe not what you want but why don't you add the Off value to the toggle choices?


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      Ok. I get it now. For the ventilation mode I could add the Off value but for cooling mode that´s not a good idea, since it´s not recomended to turn the compressor off and back on so quickly in these split air conditioners. I supose I could duplicate the first value '26 Graus', but I don´t think I can live with that.
      It´s alright, I´ll do it with separate events. Thanks for the answer.