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Always triggers no matter the value... If Value was ___ and becomes ___

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    Originally posted by Ltek View Post
    The script runs any/every time an affected REAL device is changed (motion, door, lock, window). Then the script look at every REAL device and sets the vDevice status for the "group" (Composite Device). So,yes, it will set the device value and text on every pass.
    That maybe be it... I wonder if the double value set is happening on each pass. the First lock is 0 so it is setting the value to 0.

    I need to look at that...

    Originally posted by Ltek View Post
    The loop was causing multiple writes to the vDevice. I moved the routine that did the writes, out of the loop and it seems to be working as expected now.

    Sorry for the false alarm on ET!
    That is what I thought I saw earlier. Glad you got it fixed.

    Randy Prade
    Aurora, CO

    PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino