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  • Capturing a scene

    There seems to be no easy way to capture a scene and later restore it. It seems this would be a good EasyTrigger feature.

    You would specify a group of devices.
    Any time one of these devices values was changed, it would be saved.
    Then, there would be a way to turn on the group of devices to their previous brightness on/off levels.

    Basically, allow users to manually adjust scenes to their own taste. Then, allow the scene to be turned off, and when turned back on the previous brightness levels would be restored. It would allow people to leave home, and then come back and have everything how they left it.

    Seems like something along the lines of an EasyTrigger feature.


    I tried using a bunch of manually created Virtual Devices. It was a lot of work. And, it didn't work in the end, since the process of turning the devices off caused the Virtual Device memory to save the "off" condition.

    Surely the need to restore the lights to their previous position is a useful and much needed feature? No?


    By the way, many dimmer switches like the HS-WS-200 DO remember their previous settings, and when turned on they DO go back to the previous setting. But there seems to be no ZWave command that you can send to them that says "Go back to your last setting", or the equivalent of touching the top button when the device is off.

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    In the past I've seen references to scripts that would capture settings and record them, then those settings could be restored. But I don't recall what the trigger would be to capture and restore. I *think* the author may have been Ltek, but I may not be correct.


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      back in the HS1.7 days there was an extensive one.. I didn't write it .

      To restore scenes, simply create a scene using an event that is triggered by a virtual device

      To store a device history...
      It would be be pretty easy to write a script to hold multiple history for individual devices.. Or use a virtual device to store the Last value if you only need to go back one version.

      Someone did post a script for HS3 but I remember who right now. I can look later if I saved it.

      Ultimately this needs to be built in to HS natively... But, so does a ton of stuff that's not.

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        It would be be pretty easy to write a script
        No, the moment you make this statement, it is no longer easy. It requires a very experienced and dedicated individual.

        Easy would be to drop items into a device group like EasyTrigger and then have the group auto-remember device states as they change.


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          Originally posted by SeattleDavid View Post

          No, the moment you make this statement, it is no longer easy. It requires a very experienced and dedicated individual.

          Easy would be to drop items into a device group like EasyTrigger and then have the group auto-remember device states as they change.
          Easy for someone who knows how to script.

          ET Groups are not flexible and cannot replicate scenes....normal HS Events work just fine for that.

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            Everything is easy for God. Complicated things are easy for highly trained specialists.

            My idea of "easy" is that it would be something an HS user would intuitively know how to do after using the system for just a few days.

            That is, that a feature such as constantly capturing changes within a scene while the scene was active would be something quite directly supported.


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              It just seems to me that it could be as straightforward as dumping devices into a Device Group, like EasyTrigger does. Then, There could be a call to say that Scene X was active and each of the devices would be monitored and their occasionally changing settings would be stored within the Active scene. Then, an Event could activate a Scene and all of the devices in the Scene Group would change to the last setting while this group was previously active.

              Of course, if it was desired that devices be set to programmatically fixed values then those could be expressly set, as they now can be.

              If you wanted to be very fancy, when you define a Group of Devices you would also define a group of Scenes. Then, you could have a different Scene in each room and changed to devices would be saved and captured in the correct Scene for the items in the group.

              It would make setting up scenes pretty easy. It would allow users to change the scenes easily.

              If you really wanted to get fancy and make life easy you would define these THREE things:
              1. The devices in a Scene Group, like EasyTrigger Device Groups.
              2. A list of Scenes that the Device States would be saved into.
              3. For each Scene a flag to indicate if the device settings were automatically captured or if they would be captured only with a "Scene Save" event command.
              Now, setting up a room is simple. Put the devices into the Scene Group. Define the available Scenes (Home, Away, romance), and for each set a flag as to whether the Scene Group would capture the device states automatically.

              A Scene would be activated with an Event command SceneActivate(Scene Romance SceneGroup)

              A Scene could be manually saved with an Event command SceneSave(Scene Romance SceneGroup)

              Well, this is just my thinking. If HS3 was after reahing a broader market it would work to make things easy.

              The idea of having to manually program every scene and preset every lighting level is terribly customer-unfriendly and high maintenance.


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                Take a look at the plugin scene master

                Btw, agree, Homeseer is not user friendly for the masses. I've written many posts on many topics on how to fix that... Even a large review with very specific points and solutions to most. It doesn't matter, no one cares. Homeseer will never be mainstream and In 5 or so years it won't matter... Several other HA systems will have caught up or surpassed HS, some likely mainstream ones. They will use AI/ML to do a lot that requires manual config in HS.

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                  I'll lay off them, then. They are entitled to be who they are. Some people are comfortable and prefer the niches they are in, and that is also fine.

                  The market could be very large for the right product. SmartThings did a good job of demonstrating that. (Sold for $200M). But it isn't quite the ideal product (too basic and no web interface.)

                  I think there is a huge opportunity for a product that was HS with a good UI.

                  But again, it's their right to be who they are.