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Sunrise/Sunset calculated, when?

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  • Sunrise/Sunset calculated, when?

    I live in US mid-atlantic. We use daylight savings offset during the summer months. For winter and summer it's sometimes a hassle trying to find just the right lighting schedules when dealing with long/short days and DST/EST changes. In the winter it's OK to tie start times to sunset, as it's pretty early. But come summer time, that doesn't always work. Likewise, sunrise in the summer is reasonable, but in the winter it might be after we've already left for the morning! Using just times doesn't always work either. So it's great to see sunrise/sunset as offset options!

    That's a little background to fill in why I'm asking about some easytrigger stuff.

    When does the sunrise and sunset get calculated? Because when I create a schedule like this, they all get the same start/stop time (today was 7:22am - 4:48pm)

    [Mon Sunrise+01:00;Mon Sunset-01:00],[Tue Sunrise+01:00;Tue Sunset-01:00],[Wed Sunrise+01:00;Wed Sunset-01:00],[Thu Sunrise+01:00;Thu Sunset-01:00],[Fri Sunrise+01:00;Fri Sunset-01:00],[Sat Sunrise+01:00;Sat Sunset-01:00],[Sun Sunrise+01:00;Sun Sunset-01:00]

    Or will it automatically re-calculate these each day? If so, at about what time?

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    The EasyTrigger plugin uses the Sunrise/Sunset times provided by HS which I guess are recalculated each day.
    So when you display a schedule or when a schedule trigger/condition is evaluated the offsets are recalculated with the sunrise/sunset time provided by HS at that time.


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      Great, thanks! I just didn't want to get myself painted into a corner using the offsets if they weren't going to get recalculated on the fly.

      I've learned with HS... ask, because assumptions based on how anything else out there might be programmed will very likely NOT apply to HS questions.