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Error in log when setting device to another device

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    Error in log when setting device to another device

    First, I realize there is a thread below whose subject speaks to exactly what I am experiencing. However, that thread will not open due to my browser saying it is being redirected too many times.

    I have a dimmable light that I want to change to a new value but first want to save its value for later restoring to original state. I created a virtual device to save the value.

    In an event I set the virtual device to the actual device value. I get an error logged:

    EasyTrigger ERROR SetDeviceValue: Cannot find control value 30 for device 687

    Device 687 is the virtual device I created. I've stopped and started the PI since creating the device.

    When I created the device, I checked that it was Dimmable,

    Any ideas?

    You need to create a range for your virtual device that include all possible values of your original device.


      Thanks very much. That cleared it up.