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Time-out or rest toggle value?

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  • Time-out or rest toggle value?

    IF I have a toggle setup with say three values settings Dim Medium, Bright. A user press the button twice to get to medium. I like to time it out after 15 seconds that it goes back to next press is dim?

    Can I do this with EasyTrigger or do I need to setup a counter, a timer and multiple events?
    HS3 SEL running Pro Edition on Ubuntu 18.04, mono 5.20, 656 devices, 209 events.
    Plug-Ins: Chromecast, Device History, EasyTrigger, Ecobee, JowiHue, LutronCaseta, MeiUnifi, PHLocation2, Pushover 3P, SDJ-Health, Sonos, WeatherFlow, weatherXML
    Scripts: SparkMan's Lock Event, 5 of Jon00 scripts.