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  • Push & Pop Device states

    Just noticed in the User Guide post that push & pop a device state was added. I'm running .56 and can't find these as an action option. Did it get pulled out?

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    No they are still there. There are 3 differents actions:
    • EasyTrigger: Push Device's value to stack
    • EasyTrigger: Pop Device's value from stack and Set Device
    • EasyTrigger: Clear Stack

    Just reinstalled .56 from updater, and I still see them.
    Are you sure you are running .56? make sure to look at the very end of the action dropdown list


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      Thanks for the quick response. Definitely running .56, just installed it. I don't see these actions in the drop down list. I have Enable and Disable Event at the bottom of the EasyTrigger part of the list. Is there a file I should look at?

      Edit: I disabled/enabled the plug-in and now they show up. Thanks.